Thursday, March 15, 2012

I would die if _________ was discontinued!

Have you ever had a favourite lipstick, blush, or cover-up discontinued? If you have, it's almost like a piece of you goes away forever, right? Okay, so I'm a bit of drama queen, but it still blows! lol

Toffee Treat discontinued by L'Oreal

My favourite lipstick in high school was 'Toffee Treat' by L'Oreal. This lipstick was like heaven to me...the shine, the colour, the smell...truly incredible! But like all good things, it sadly came to an end. So it got me thinking; what else couldn't I live without?  And the answer was this:

1. 'Fleur Power' Powder Blush by MAC

I'm honestly obsessed with this blush!

2. 'Made You Blush' Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Dual by Estee Lauder
$24.00 US


If you Ladies want a Lipstick that truly stays on all day long, try the 'Double Wear Lip Dual' line. This is my 'special event/night on the town' lipstick never fails!  And if you love this lipstick like I do, Estee Lauder @ The Bay is on Bonus right now! Spend $36.50 CAD (before taxes) and receive a great free gift with purchase!

Hope you love some of my fav makeup pieces!


  1. I would die if Diorshow Blackout Mascara or MAC's StudioFix were ever discontinued!!

  2. Need to try Dior 's Blackout Mascara, but totally agree with you on Mac's Studio Fix!!!

  3. Benefit discontinued their It stick, it was the BEST concealer ever. Perfect for my super pale skin and blended amazingly well.