Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are Collared Necklaces the New Dress Shirts?

There's nothing worse that having to wear a masculine looking collared shirt...blah & boring! Fortunately, a great new alternative is the ever so clever, feminine, and beautiful Collared Necklaces! Fancy up a plain old t-shirt, blouse, or even dress by adding an embellished collar around your neck for that extra pizazz! Check these pieces out...

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Collar Necklace, 15.5" @ Bloomingdales
$328 US

kate spade new york Plaza Athenee Collar Necklace, 16" @ Bloomingdales
$298 US

Juicy Couture Punk Rocks Crystal Rhinestone Collar Necklace, 16" @ Bloomingdales
$148 US

Robert Lee Morris Soho Collar Necklace, 17" @ Bloomingdales
$75 US

ABS by Allen Schwartz Jewelry Chain Link Collar Necklace @ Saks
$75 US

Beaded Shirt Collar by Zara
$45.90 CAD

Tasha Faceted Stone Collar @ Nordstrom
$38.92 CAD

Tasha 'Dazzling' Beaded Collar @ Nordstrom
$38.92 CAD
*Also available in Black, Navy & Gold*

Tarnish Sequin Collar @ Nordstrom
$38.92 CAD
*Also available in Matte Black, Shiny Black & Gold*

Tasha 'Sparkle Tweed' Collar @ Nordstrom
$38.92 CAD

Cara Accessories 'Lacy Lady' Collar Necklace @ Nordstrom
$34.83 CAD
*Also available in Black & Gold*

Pearlescent Link Collar Necklace by Forever21
$15.80 CAD

Metallic Paisley Collar Necklace by Forever 21
$12.80 CAD

Peter Pan Collar Necklace by Forever 21
$7.80 CAD
*Also available in Gold*

By adding a bejeweled collared necklace, you can covert almost any piece in your closet into looking polished & professional! It's a modern spin on that traditional, ill-fitting, collared dress shirt you know you own! ;) 

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