Monday, November 28, 2011

Are Yoga Bags the new Baby Bags?

It seems like everyone around me is the point, where I'm seriously questioning that there is something fishy in the water that everyone is drinking! lol
Due to this, it got me thinking about Baby Bags and how sucky most of them are. The solution; if you're going to invest in a good baby bag, why not look into a bag from Lululemon?  Lisa's Pieces totally recommends trying out a Lululemon bag as they are durable, water resistant, have tons of pockets (why not use the water bottle pockets for baby's bottles?), most of them even have the wet/dry pocket and removable shoe bag for baby's dirty/wet clothes or do I dare say it...Dirty Diapers (if you have no where else to put it!) I think Lululemon bags are a brilliant alternative for the typical baby bag....and perhaps even a little more functional as you can fit your wallet and personal items in there as well!
Check out these latest bags from Lululemon Online:
Arabesque Bag Lululemon $118.00 CAD
Available in Silver, Purple & Black
Arabesque Bag- Wet Pocket
Destined for Greatness Lululemon $135.00 CAD
Available in Black, Black Swan Persian Purple Lilac Gardient, Deep Coal Creekside Camo
Still Groovy Bag *Quilted Lululemon $98.00 CAD
Available in Black
Still Groovy- Shoe Bag (or for extra baby stuff)

Triumphant Tote Lululemon $118.00 CAD
Available in Purple & Black
Lululemon bags get marked down (while supplies last), so keep your eye out and you may be able to score one of these bags at a great lower price! Another bonus is, you can revert to your Lululemon bag as a gym/yoga tote after you've outgrown it as your baby bag...get as much use out of it as you can!

Hope this helps all the mommies and future mommies-to-be out there!

Enjoy these Lululemon pieces!

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