Friday, November 25, 2011

Fab Finds!

If you're at Winners anytime soon, Lisa's Pieces highly recommends trying on these two items:
  1. Calvin Klein 'Waterfall' Coat: I bought this charcoal wrap last Winter from Bluefly where it was on sale, but full price at Macy's. It's unfortunately sold out on Bluefly again, but it's in the Winners stores for all my Canadian friends to try on. It's a heavy jacket and surprising warm for something that's considered a 'wrap'. You can also wear it two ways; draped down or as a funnel collar.

Funnel Collar
2. Born 'Ramsey Shooties': Bought these in the States, but surprising cheaper at Winners! If you see these at Winners they're definitely worth trying on. Don't be fooled by the higher heel; it's chunky and has a great tread on the bottom for those slippery days that you have to go out in. I'm all for Ugg wearing in the Winter, but these are a great alternative if you need to be a little cuter on those gross wintry days. They come in two colours; brown and taupe ...I believe Winners was selling them in the taupe.

For my American Friends, you can find these Shooties at Macy's and Zappos!

Hope you love my pieces,

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