Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Botox in a box"...yes, please!

So as a woman approaching 30, it comes as no surprise that my 'laugh lines' on my face don't disappear anymore when I stop laughing! lol
Thankfully, my sister introduced me to a line of products called Arbonne . Arbonne was developed in Switzerland in the 70's with the idea of using botanical ingredients within their skin care products. As a result, the botanics help restore and improve the skins youthful appearance. I fell in love with their Re9 Advanced's incredible and "clinically proven to start working within 24hrs"! It's also being referred to as "Botox in a box".

Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Products

However, the problem was this; Arbonne is not sold in stores and I was running out of product. Fortunately for me, my bff Violet (quite out of the blue one day) asked me if I've ever heard of 'Arbonne'? I told her 'yes' and explained to her how I love their products! Violet, then goes on to say that she's loving the products too (and went as far as throwing out all her department store bought creams because she couldn't believe all the crap that was in them!) Violet's new found love for the Arbonne products didn't stop there, as she became a consultant for the company as well!!! And FYI: if anyone has seen Violet up close, you would not believe that this woman is going to be turning 30...her skin is flawless thanks to her using Arbonne!

Arbonne also carries Men's, Hair, Makeup, & Baby Care lines, not to mention a bunch of wellness products. Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:

*Animal products or animal by-products
*Formaldehyde donating preservatives
*Petroleum based ingrediants
*Mineral Oil

So to sum up; Violet is now my Arbonne consultant, I have stocked up on my Re9 products, and my laugh lines are looking less and less noticeable!

To get your hands on these products or for more information,  
please contact Arbonne consultant & my bff Violet

My bff Violet and her Arbonne amazing skin!
Hope you love Violet's Arbonne pieces!

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