Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It was worth it: Hunter Edition

Hunter 'Original Tall' Rain Boot in Black @ Nordstrom
$125.00 US

One of the best purchases I've ever made for my feet, besides Uggs, are rain boots by Hunter. I think I literally wear my Hunter 'Original Tall' Boots year round...which is saying something if you can wear them in all 4 seasons! Okay, so you might look a little ridiculous wearing them on a bright, warm, summer day; but don't discount those miserable raining ones!

If you're digging the 'rainboot look' like I am, then check out these latest designs from Hunter...

Hunter Regent Carlyle @ Zappos
Reg. 195.00 US
Sale $155.99 US
*On Sale in Dark Olive Only*
Hunter Regent Savoy @ Zappos
Reg. $175.00 US
Sale $139.00 US
*On Sale in Dark Olive Only*
Hunter Original @ Zappos
Reg. $125.00 US
Sale $99.00 US
*On Sale in Chocolate Only*
Hunter Regent St. James @ Zappos
Reg. $195.00 US
Sale $155.99 US
*On Sale in Chocolate, Dark Olive & Beige Only*
Hunter Andora @ Zappos
Reg. $175.00 US
Sale 139.99 US
*On Sale in Black, Gunmetal, & Olive Only*

Original Tall 'Glitter' Wellington Boots @ Net-A-Porter
$145.00 US
Hunter Regent Grosvenor @ Hunter UK
*These are Sold Out in most stores and online, but I did see them at Browns/B2 in Canada...Priced in the $200's CAD*
Happy Shopping...or should I say 'Hunting'! lol

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