Monday, December 5, 2011

Want Angelina Jolie's Lips?

Okay, so I can't give you Angelina's famous pouty lips, but I can give you her nude lip colour!

Recently, I was at the MAC counter looking for a new lipstick. The MAC girl asked me if I would be interested in seeing the lipstick that Angelina Jolie wears. Being Angelina Jolie OBSESSED (FYI: my wedding day hair was a total copy of her 2009 Oscar hairstyle)
Wedding Hair + Check out her nude lips!
I quickly replied "I'll take it!" Now because my mouth often runs faster than my brain, I had no idea what lipstick colour it even was?! All I knew was that Angelina Jolie wears it, and I needed it! lol Fortunately, it happened to be a beautiful nude colour called Jubilee!  This colour is gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear.

Another lipstick from MAC, that's actually a staple in my makeup bag, is High Tea. High Tea is very similar to Jubilee, but perhaps even nuder. Lisa's Pieces also recommends MAC's Viva Glam V which gives your lips a hint of pink...very pretty!
MAC's Jubilee, Viva Glam V, High Tea
(from left to right)

Nude Lips!
Hope you check out these lipstick colours next time you're at the MAC counter!

Luv ya to pieces,

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