Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the Radar: Readers Tips!

Followers of Lisa's Pieces have found some great things on their shopping travels and have wrote in about them:

Jessika from Stockholm, Sweden writes:
"Here are some things for your blog.....

These are iphone holders... EVERY guy in Sweden with an iphone is wearing one!! I could only find this design online with a pic to show you... but they come in all different styles and colors. This one is by Tiger of Sweden. It's about $60 CAN dollars. It's all leather.

New trend?? Maybeeee"
Samy Smartphone Case @ Tiger of Sweden 
400 SEK
(Approximately $60 CAD)

Jessika also writes that she is noticing that the women in Stockholm are all wearing dark burgundy & plum colour 90's of them! (Side Note: I've been to Stockholm twice, and if anyone knows style, it's the women of Sweden...they are light-years ahead of us in terms of fashion. Plus, they're all tall and beautiful, so basically if you want to feel bad about yourself, go there! lol)

Dark Plum Lips

Another reader by the name of Caitlin writes:

"I found something for Lisa's Pieces :) Its the Michael Kors iphone wristlet only a little more classy looking and all leather. I'm in love with the black and red!"
MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet @ Nordstrom
$78.00 US
*Shown in Black & Luggage, but also available in Red & Gunmetal*
This Wristlet is essential if you have an iPhone! Just think how practical this is when you're out dancing with a drink at hand and this on your wrist (instead of that clutch under your arm or bag draped over your shoulder)... genius! lol

Great finds ladies! Keep them coming!

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